Why as a Nation Are We so Violent?

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Why as a Nation are we so Violent? The essay that I have written is on the movie “Bowling for Columbine” it is also on the question that seemed to be asked many times during this movie and that is, why are we as Americans so violent? Throughout this essay I will discuss how we as a nation are different with violence compared to other countries. Along with that, I will also talk about the factors that come to play when violence erupts, along with the role of guns, the media’s play of the violence, and the role of corporations when the violence happens such as the Columbine Shooting. In addition I will address how we as Americans tend to isolate or even goes as far as to alienate ourselves from one another. The last thing will be discussed is the perspective of people and how just because you look or act a certain way you may perceived as something completely different. To begin this essay I would first like to consider how Americans differ from other countries in our violence rate. In the movie statistics are given to show just how many gun murders were committed in that year, here are some of those countries statistics from that year and the year 2005; United States: 11,127 /9,369, UK: 68/14, Canada: 165/144, Germany: 381/269, and Australia: 65/59. Though these statistics show that in other countries there murder with guns is much lower than ours the fact is that most of these countries have such strict laws against guns that it is nearly impossible to own a gun. With that said people tend to only look at the charts and see the that the rates here are extremely high and very low in other places, but they don’t seem to realize that the freedoms of the right to own guns are very little in those places, so of course the gun murder rate is low none of the people have guns to use to kill a person. The thing that stuck out to me about these statistics

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