Why Are We Losing All Our Good People?

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Why Are We Losing All Our Good People? HBR Case Study 1. What is the main problem in this case? How has management (Helen and Mary) contributed to this problem? How have the employees contributed to the problem? There are several issues in this case leading to turmoil in the company, firstly being lack of leadership skills in Halen, then poor management skills in Mary, and lastly being lack of employee faith in their management. Helen as a CEO of the company has inherited this position from her father, she indeed is very passionate about the firm and the profession but her lack of leadership ability clearly shows in her decision making skills (promoting Adrienne bypassing several deserving employees). She tried a short term fix to a problem ignoring the long term impact of her decision on other employees and progress of the organization. Helen here is contributing rather than solving the issue of losing good employees, which is an early sign of a weak management in an organization. As a leader of the organization she needs to look at the issue holistically, be more of a mentor catering to the needs of every employee under her wings. When a company starts to lose its work force to its competitors, the leaders of the organization in an urgent need to fix the issue starts to find fault in individual managers rather than the organization as a whole in a hope that the eliminating such managers might be a solution to the problem. Helen is doing exactly the same when she questions Bob and Mary on their efforts to stop employees moving into another organization. Mary on the other hand is concerned about the firm and other employee’s wellbeing but her lack of employee management skill holds her back in effectively solving the problem. She objects to Helens impulsive decision of promoting Adrienne as Mary feels that there are many more deserving employees for

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