Why Are There so Few Women in Technology?

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CCT109, TUTORIAL SECTION 0801, WINTER 2013 Why are so few women working in technology? 21st MARCH 2013 Mitchell, Hayley hayley.mitchell@utoronto.mail.ca 999766659 Introduction Jemima Kiss’ Article entitled “Why are so few women working in technology?” Is one that deals with a rather touchy and ignored subject. Upon reading the article Kiss informs readers that 49% of women make up the UK labour force, while only a mere 17% of women are actually represented in Information Technology (IT) and Telecom Professionals. For a women these numbers are hard to come terms with especially because these studies have taken place in the US, UK and Canada. These are developed countries who have all the means for success but do not support there women in the business word. This paper will provide a throe look into the struggles and solutions for women wanting to enter the IT world. Body II. 1. Barriers that affect women working in technology Within the last few years women have definitely had more opportunities in the technology world. Although this is seen as an upside the downfall is females are being put in more service oriented positions (Wajcman, 2006). This not only undermines women but also leaves an underlining for a trend for the years to come if nothing is to be done about it. Another issue the specific social networking that goes on within the IT world. It's said that women who are not prominent socialites or of higher status are seen to have almost no equality with the men that they work with (Kleist, 2011). These women say that they feel handicap in there behaviours and expectations (Kleist, 2011). Although social issues and barriers are very prominent, there are also a good amount of groups that support women in the tech

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