Why Are Some Pressure Groups More Successful Than Others?

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Practice essay questions- with/without revision. People and politics- Unit 1. Why are some pressure groups more successful than others? (Without revision) A pressure group may be informal or formal. They may either further the interest of a specific interest in society or they may promote an issue or cause. There are many ways pressure groups can be classified, for example; as insiders, outsiders, and sectional or promotional groups. All still are considered as pressure groups and have ways in which they may try to become successful, some would use finance and others the media. There are many reasons why a group such as ‘fathers 4 justice’ may be more successful than the pressure group ‘WWF’. One simple reason is due to the lack of publicity a pressure group may achieve. More reasons of why some pressure groups are much more successful than others will be discussed throughout this essay. Firstly, the membership of a pressure group definitely enables the success, as an increasingly large amount of members belonging to one pressure group would result in the pressure group being more known. For example, the pressure group ‘friends of the earth ‘ has more than over 200,000 members and this makes it easier for the pressure group to expand more and get noticed. And also, it allows the pressure group to influence decisions much easily. If a government sees that a group has a large amount of members they may consider taking their issues into consideration, however if a much smaller pressure group wanted to influence decisions, their views and issues may not be taken seriously and therefore nothing would be done concerning their issues. Secondly, the amount of money (finance) a pressure group has may advantage a pressure group. Groups having much more money would then mean they are
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