Why Are So Many Jobs Lost In The United States

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Why so many jobs are being lost in the U.S.? It is not new for anyone that in the United States every day many jobs are being lost. But we have to keep in mind that this situation was not always the same. For many years our country had prosperity on the labor force which helps us to be on the leader country in the world. Let’s do some labor background to see when the jobs in the United States were lost. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was a remarkable period for the American worker, as wages rose, edging benefits grew, and working conditions enhanced. “The composition of the labor force shifted from industries dominated by primary production occupations, such as farmers and foresters, to those dominated by professional, technical,…show more content…
Later, Roosevelt created a large-scale of temporary jobs program during the winter of 1933–34. The Civil Works Administration employed more than four million men and women at jobs from building and repairing roads and bridges, parks, playgrounds, and public buildings to creating art. That led the administration to create a permanent jobs program, the Works Progress Administration. “The W.P.A. began in 1935 and would last until 1943, employing 8.5 million people and spending $11 billion as it transformed the national infrastructure, made clothing for the poor, and created landmark programs in art, music, theater and writing” (Taylor, 2012). America's entry into the war in 1941 finally eliminated the last effects from the Great Depression and brought the U.S. unemployment rate down below 10%. In the U.S., massive war spending doubled economic growth rates, either masking the effects of the Depression or essentially ending the Depression. Most of the jobs available…show more content…
government has accumulated so much debt that it is absolutely suffocating the U.S. economy” (Snyder, 2010). “Traditionally, about 75 percent of all new jobs are created by small businesses. But today, hundreds of thousands of small businesses are being strangled out of existence by all of the oppressive taxes, fees, rules, regulations, paperwork and demands that government keeps imposing on them” (Snyder, 2010). It is hard almost getting close to impossible for small businesses to prosper, and if small businesses can’t succeed, then there are not going to be any more jobs created. During all these years has become dramatically stacked in favor of large businesses. “Big corporations have the money to lobby Congress and other governmental institutions, they get almost all the tax breaks and they are the only ones who get bailouts. They even “help” write legislation on the federal level” (Snyder, 2010). Passing ridiculous regulations and raising taxes even higher is not going to fix business in America. It is not going to help those small businesses to create new job positions; it is only destroying

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