Why Are Rules Important Essay

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When given a question as such, “Why are rules important?” there are a variety of ways that the receiver of said topic may choose to think about it. This is true because of the nature of the question at hand. The answer to said question seems so obvious that it is often taken for granted. But when one takes a step back and really analyzes this question it seems that the answer may not always be as obvious as it once seemed. My hypothesis is that without rules, even the most basic of functions would be impossible. I do not know that humans or even our planet would exist if there were not rules. If it did exist, it would most certainly not exist in the way that it does now. It would be similar to that of a parallel universe, if rules did not exist. It is almost impossible to fathom a world without rules, quite simply because I have never existed in a world devoid of rules. There are many variations of actual rules. There are unspoken rules, rules that develop for safety, rules that develop out of fear, rules that develop for selfish reasons, rules that seem to have no real purpose and rules that are no longer necessary. There are culture rules, social rules, rules that only apply to certain situations, rules of grammar, rules of spelling, and rules of behavior. Rules are quite obviously necessary for the most basic functioning of society to be in effect. If there were no rules, there would be nothing to help people decide between right and wrong. The biggest problem is that people like to think that they are right no matter what. They may enforce the law but not actually follow it themselves. This could be due to the fact that they believe that they personally are above the law, whereas the “common folk” are not. However, I believe in equal rights for all, with acceptable standards. This means that if what one wants to do something that is not harming

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