Why Are People Willing To Vote For Roosevelt?

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Why are people willing to vote for Roosevelt? Because they want any kind of change. Hoover promises nothing. There is actually death by starvation. In some cities they had to actually post arm guards on garbage trucks, people were scavenging for food, people would swamp the garbage truck when they would dump the garbage at the dumps. Production was down particularly of wheat, but there was enough out there but the only problem is transportation and storage system. They were dumping milk in the street as a protest, we didn’t have the system to transport milk from for example Wisconsin to Boston, it couldn’t be done so there are people that are starving in Boston because you couldn’t get the food to them. This is really a crisis and the country knows, Roosevelt knows, if you don’t fix this soon the public will put in dictatorship either on the right or the left. Dictators are very efficient they get things done on time. Dictatorship on the right is called fascism which is a leader coming from the people called fascism, dictatorship on the…show more content…
It takes us forever to do this now but they surprisingly did it quick. The bank holiday what does he do? All banks are closed and then you triage. These are sound banks you open those, these are banks that we can save. How does he save them? With government money which is called socialism. He puts government money in the ones that are salvageable. He goes to the public because everyone had taken money out of the bank, and he goes to goes on the radio on air and says “I want everyone to take the money they put in their sock in their backyard and put it in the banks, and everybody does it. His fireside chats which are not by a fire they are over a radio “everything’s going to be okay, here is my plans, taking questions from the public no

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