Why Are More Children Becoming Obese Essay

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Eng 112-E10 June 21, 2012 Introduction: Over the past several years childhood obesity has risen to staggering heights. If you have ever watched the news, you have probably heard about this topic many times. It is very important to completely comprehend the scope and nature of this epidemic. Children spend the majority of their day in school and most of them eat breakfast or lunch at least once a day in the school cafeteria. My research question is, "Could schools be serving food that is causing our children to become obese?" It is critical for parents to know what our children are eating and if what they are eating could potentially cause them to become obese. Working hypothesis: At this point in my research I don’t know if school food is the main reason childhood obesity is on the rise, but it certainly is of concern to some parents. I do not personally think that schools are making our children obese, but I am going to continue my research to determine if school lunches could be a big contributing factor to childhood obesity. I think the main reason more children are becoming obese is because children are less active then they used to be and they are fed foods that are high in fat. My hypothesis as this time is that school food is not was is making our children obese. In my final draft I will be using MLA style. Working Bibliography: Anderson and Butcher (2004). “Reading, Writing and Raisinettes,” mimeo. Anderson, Butcher and Levine (2003). “Maternal Employment and Overweight Children,” Journal of Health Economics, 22:477-504. Cutler, Glaeser and Shapiro (2003). “Why Have Americans Become More Obese?” Journal of Economic Perspectives 17:93-118. Lakdawalla and Philipson (2002). “The Growth of Obesity and Technological Change Research Strategy: A. What do I need to know? .Are schools making our children obese? .What kind of food is being served

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