Why Animal Testing Should Be Made Legal Essay

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1.Without animal testing most modern medicines wouldn't exist. Of history has shown us anything, it has shown us that animal research has constantly provided answers- 71 of the Nobel Prize winners for Medicine won in the last 103 years were awarded to scientists who used animals in their research. This will give you an idea not only of the vital role played by animals in biomedical research, but also the impact that research has had on humankind. Sometimes those who seek to outlaw use of animals in research argue that testing new treatments should be done on humans, not animals. Are they willing and ready to volunteer? Even if they were, or even if some were coerced to do so (say prisoners or terminally ill patients), would we really want to move our society in that direction?. Animal Welfare must be taken into consideration, but ultimately , human beings must come first, Everyone has benefitted from the gains of research using animals and this should be continued into the future. There are still many dies eases that still need to be cures like cancer, HIV and AIDS, malaria and so on. 3.Many Of the Human Body functions are the same as animals, so therefore animal testing and research is beneficial. Many of you girls in Year 8 had the HPV jab, and this jab was tested on animals. Cervical cancer is usually triggered by a virus called HPV. Cervical a Cancer kills more women than any other types of cancer apart from breast cancer. Not only humans but numerous animals can get this HPV virus, and because of these comparisons and testing on rodents, scientists were able to cure HPV and Cervical Cancer. It is important to realise that studies in animals are not just done for, and do not just lead to, treatments in humans. Indeed, treatments for other animals are arising from such studies. Consider, for example, that paralysed dogs have regained their ability

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