Why And How Do Pressure Groups In Us Campaign

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Why and how do US Pressure Groups attempt to influence election results? US pressure groups attempt to influence election results to get sympathisers into power and monitor how these individuals use the power. William Storey sums up the reason why Pressure groups try and get influence an election into two goals, the first is to help sympathetic people win elections. The second is to make sure those elected help use their power to advance the agenda of the group that helped them win. It is clear that pressure groups do gain influence over election results as there are concerns that pressure groups play a too significant role in elections, potentially making politicians more responsive to their agenda than to the concerns of the voters. This concern has transpired due to a pressure group tactic that helps gain influence with those elected that monitors a politicians’ response to a pressure groups’ agenda. The tactic involves pressure groups issuing “reports cards,” on how much support their agenda has received, those with the highest grades can expect considerable support in their campaigns. This tactic allows pressure groups to constantly influence election results as politicians know the consequences of their actions if they go against the pressure groups agenda. For example in 2006 Republican Senator Mike DeWine of Ohio received a grade F from the NRA with the group vowing to punish him in the 2006 election and contributed to his defeat. However if a candidate receives a grade A from a pressure groups they can expect to be supported with funds and volunteers, for example a grade A candidate would expect to receive donated funds, expect the pressure groups to provide information to their members on why they should vote for the groups preferred candidate; encourage their members to volunteer to work on their campaigns of favoured candidates; provide assistance to

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