Why America Don T Vote Essay

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Why Americans Don’t Vote The voter turnout is the lowest in the United States than in any other democratic country. The phenomenon of low voter turnout developed in the early years of the twentieth century, but in the past three decades the turnout rate has continued to slide. In Why Americans Still Don’t Vote, the authors Piven and Cloward argue about what political scholars have to offer in explanations, for why Americans are not exercising their most important role in democratic rights, which is the right of voting. These explanations could be divided in three ways. The first is that the low turnout could be ascribed to the individual’s attitudes and beliefs. Secondly, the low turnout could be the result of the many barriers that make…show more content…
If registration become easier for every citizens, like in some other democratic countries automatic registration, turnout would increase. Contrary to the past, where protest movements that raised new issues, did the work of mobilizing voters that the two parties avoided. In the nineteenth century American turnouts were higher than in the twentieth century, mostly because the two parties were more competitive and more focused on the working class citizens than they are now. The two political parties and their interest group create a new political environment, which turns away voters. In the 1960s turnouts rose in favor of the Democratic Party, because it agreed with the civil rights movements ideas. But, since then the party’s effort to mobilize new voters collapsed. Barriers, which were introduced in the beginning of the twentieth century, lead to a rapid fall in voting levels at that time. But with the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, many of these barriers were eliminated, and voter registration levels have now risen to historic levels. In the two last century the two parties succeed to get people to the
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