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Why Am I Misunderstood? Tyana Ingram COM200: Interpersonal Communication August 2, 2011 In reading the new article “Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication,” I have come to realize that it does not matter how long you have known someone, or how often you are around them, you can still find yourself having miscommunications with them. In the article, an exercise was done where husbands and wives found themselves misinterpreting what the other one meant even when they were saying the simplest phrase. One of the wives to her husband, “it's getting hot in here,” as an indication that she wanted her husband to turn the air conditioner either on or up, but he thought she was trying to be coy with him (Anonymous, 2011). In the…show more content…
So I always have to go see if he did what I told him to do, and then go in his room and tell him I meant the entire kitchen, and he gets up to do it. When I was growing up if my parents told me to clean the bathroom, they did not specify what exactly in the bathroom they wanted me to clean, so I did not just clean the toilet, I cleaned the entire bathroom. I have inherited that attitude, as well as do something the first time told, so I definitely need to work on my communication skills. It makes me realized that even the most minuscule statements, jobs, or tasks can be misinterpreted if it is not said verbatim, but I still think that in some instances people should take the initiative to do some things without having to be told. To prevent miscommunication from happening, I will make sure that the person I am communicating with has a full understanding of what I mean, instead of what they think I mean. How I can ensure that is to list all of the things I want them to do, and as I am telling them, I will make sure that I explain in details what I actual mean for them to do. This very vital skill and patience will definitely come in handy when I enter into my career as a high school U.S. History teacher, because I

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