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Why Am I In College Essay

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  • on October 10, 2011
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When responding to Garrisons questions I had to look at my goals in life. Why am I in college? Graduating from college would be a big one.   The reason for that goal is a little more complicated. Immediately I think of a career. I believe a diploma will help me get a job. Hopefully it will lead to a financially safe career. I value knowledge and I appreciate the education I will get for my own personal gain. I want to know as much about the world as I can. Still I can’t ignore the fact that what really drives me is the diploma. Universities used to be centers of learning and higher education, but now they are more like businesses. The student is paying for a diploma, more than for the knowledge. Still I like to think that my education is improving me. Garrison describes it as “changing.” I use my education to change my actions and opinions to improve myself, and my surroundings.   I see it as the more I learn, the better I get. My education will improve my life in two ways. By broadening my knowledge, and through reputation.
I want to improve on myself and education helps me do this. In college you will find more sources of knowledge than you could find anywhere else. I’ve taken classes in political science, sociology, and anthropology. All of these classes have affected my opinion on a multitude of topics. They have changed the way I live my life. Of course we gain knowledge from everyday activities. Socializing, driving, working, paying bills all help us develop as people. Still no where in everyday life could you find a complete course on the Arab-Israeli conflict. For that you need college. Garrison explains, “Life never has any predetermined questions either; it has only problems which must be coped with” (286).
Education also opens doors. Employers, peers, and co-workers will treat you differently based on the education you have gained. Reputations of colleges and universities will help you advance in the world. After graduating your diploma will help you...

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