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Why Am I Different? Essay

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In what are you different?
Everyone is different; I am different because most of the candidates who have applied for this course have as their prime objective to achieve the best report of the class, whereas my prime objective is to learn new ways of doing business and put into practice the knowledge which is taught to me. This thought makes me different from everyone else, I am constantly thinking of innovative ideas and I always try to apply the theory that I have learnt on any situation. As a human being I am very responsible, honest and friendly, having these qualities I feel that this makes me an ideal person to work with or to have in a university. I have very high level of motivation which most of the time allows me to face challenging problems and find a solution to these problems, I think that this quality is essential for the candidate wanting to study away from their family and loved ones and many problems will have to be faced therefore for someone like me the high motivation simplifies everything. Apart from this, I am a person who has self confidence and is ready to give all of his dedication to this course in able to fulfil my dream of opening my own business. Curiosity is always present in me which has allowed me to learn how life works and what is happening in the world, also because of my curiosity I love to travel and explore different countries. Another quality which makes me different is my ability to speak three languages to an excellent level which are Hindi, English and Spanish, but I donĀ“t only know these languages but I am also highly informed about their culture. I feel fortunate to know these three languages nearly to the perfection and knowing French to a basic level, I am sure that this ability will help me in the future and in my job as globalisation is increasing rapidly. I proud to be a person who know how to balance the social life with the professional life as I enjoy going out to parties with friends and I specially enjoy these...

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