Why Am i a Hindu

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Why am I a Hindu? Why am I a Hindu? In both instances, the answer rings hollow and unsatisfactory: “I don’t know.” In the first case, the young person uses this ignorance as an excuse to sever their roots in order to start a new life as a Christian. In the second case, the youth marches forward passionately, glossing over the answer and trying to overcompensate for the confusion it represents. Neither situation is positive. The former individual could develop into an honourable and successful entrepreneur, but one bereft of cultural identity and simple pride. The latter could be seen as a dedicated worker looking to preserve his or her heritage, but upon further scrutiny, this person ends up looking like a robot, incapable of practically applying the values he or she esteems. It is important that we discover the answer to this fundamental question. After all, it is a defining question, one from which our identity takes shape. If we appreciate what makes us Hindu, then our convictions are strengthened, and we can adapt to the changing conditions of the modern day. So why am I a Hindu? I can’t answer this question for you, but I can answer it for myself, and perhaps through this answer, it will give you some ideas as to how you wish to answer the question for yourself. The fact that the question can be answered in multiple manners is a reflection of Hinduism’s diversity, just one of the many aspects that make it a vibrant way of life. The smart-aleck way of addressing why I am a Hindu would be to say that I am a Hindu because I was born a Hindu. But in fact, it is an accurate statement. I was born to Hindu parents, who fostered in me Hindu mythology, traditions, and values. If I were born to parents who regularly attended Catholic Church, then there is a good possibility that I would have become a staunch Catholic instead. But that merely scratches the surface of
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