Why a Healthy Lifestyle Is Important in School Essay

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Why Is A Healthy Lifestyle Important In School? My lifestyle affects me greatly. Having a healthy lifestyle in school helps me concentrate and have enough energy to improve my mental performance. Schools like to set examples of eating healthy foods to lead you to a healthy lifestyle. To balance that lifestyle, however, I should have a good amount of exercise and sleep too. In order to fulfill this lifestyle I need motivation. In this essay, you will understand why it is important to have a healthy lifestyle in school. In schools, they want you to make a habit of eating healthy. Throughout elementary and high school, schools try to teach you at a young age healthy eating habits so you can carry it with you when you grow older. I found out from my research that when your body gets the nutrients it needs to function properly, you will have more energy, your hormones will be more balanced to keep you in a better mood, your blood sugar will be better, and your immune system will be stronger to help prevent you from getting sick. When you I more energy, I’ll be able to be awake and concentrate better in doing my work. I usually eat a fruit, preferably a banana, before a class so I can have some energy to do my work in class. Considering this, you should also have enough exercise and sleep to go with your healthy diet. Getting efficient exercise and sleep helps contribute to my healthy eating habits. As well as eating healthy, exercise and sleep gives me the energy I need to help my mental performance in school. Exercise gives me the energy I need because it keeps me fit. When you’re not fit, you’re sluggish. I learned that the hard way. That’s why I try to stay fit as much as possible so I won’t end up being sluggish and not having the energy to pay attention in class and learn. The same goes for sleep too. When I don’t get enough sleep I may have trouble

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