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Assessment Task 1 Introduction A WHSMS is a set of plans, actions and procedures to systematically manage health and safety in the workplace that is actively endorsed by a committed employer to achieve: * Provision of a safe and health workplace and the prevention/reduction of illness and injury equally for employees and contractors; * Identification of workplace hazards, assessment and control of all risks; * Active involvement in health and safety matters by managers, supervisors and employees and their representatives; * Provision of information and training for employees at all levels so they can work safely. * Audit and review of the WHSMS. Initial WHS Review The current position of Pitstops performance in relation to WHS Compliance should be established by means of an initial review of the WHSMS. This will include: * Identifying hazards associated with its activities; * Identifying all relevant WHS legislative (and other) requirements which are applicable to the undertakings of the company * Assess compliance with identified WHS Legislation/regulations; * Review/investigate past experiences (namely previous incidents, assessments, reviews etc.); * Assess the efficiency and effectiveness of existing resources dedicated to WHS management; * Identify gaps in existing WHS systems and establish desired outcomes to aim towards. “Every organisation will find that it has elements of an WHSMS in place. What is less common in the linking of these elements into a coordinated overall system to improve the WHS performance.” To ensure that important occupational health and safety issues are not overlooked, employers need to adopt a systematic approach to managing health and safety. The starting point in establishing a management system that is effective in solving health and safety problems is for

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