Whos To Blame In Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls In this essay I will examine each character in detail to establish if any of them are responsible for Eva Smith's death. I shall also consider Eva's part in her own downfall. Inspector Goole had a way of making people think and do what he wanted. Although he didn't seem to get any extra information out of the other characters he soon made them realise that Eva Smith had died a horribly painful death and they had all contributed in making her want to end her life. He got them to tell each other their sins and secrets. All little things they did that didn't matter added up to one young girls suicide and the death of her unborn child. "It's the way I like to... don't you, Mr Birling"" The inspector knew just how to talk to people, he had a way of manipulating them. Arthur Birling was a business man, he was also a father and a husband. When problems began to arise at work he did what he thought was best for his company, his family and himself of course. A few of his workers were on strike so he fired some people and left the rest on their measly earnings of 22 shillings and 6 pence. Mr Birling knew that his workers could not afford to strike for long. Eva Smith was one of the leaders during the strike. She was determined to get a rise so she could afford to survive. Mr Birling noticed Eva boosting the spirit of his workers and convincing them to strike so he fired her, as any other business owner living in a big house would have done. (in those days) "We let them all come back... She had a lot to say - far too much - so she had to go!" Basically a woman had stood up to him and he didn't like it; so he fired her, not thinking about the consequences and the effect it would have on her life. Mr Birling made Eva homeless and penniless with no job and no family to go to for help. Sheila Birling was extremely naive for a 20year old, although
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