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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by :Edward Albee 1961 KEY LITERARY ELEMENTS SETTING The play is set in the living room of a house located on the campus of a New England college in the town of New Carthage. The living room is set with chairs, a table, portraits, and a bar stocked with liquor and glasses. The purpose of this stage setting is to "create the illusion of total realism" so that the abnormality of life depicted in the play will have greater impact. The fact that the play is set on a college campus, the supposed seat of learning and discipline, gives further irony to the play. The play actually takes place in less than a day, adhering to Aristotle's principle of time. Yet the time of day is important. It begins in the early hours of the day before dawn and ends at sunrise. This time of night is connotated with eerie events and dream-like existence. The setting also carries allegorical overtones. Carthage was the scene of Dido and Aeneas' tragic love story. In contrast, the town of New Carthage presented in the play signifies the loss of love, affection, and warmth in human relationships. CHARACTER LIST Martha She is the middle-aged daughter of the president of the college and the unhappy and domineering wife of George. She taunts him in public but loves him deeply. George He is forty-six, Martha's husband, and a professor of history at the college. Nick He is a handsome young man who is about thirty. He is a new biology professor at the college and is quite ambitious. Honey A plain young woman in her mid-twenties, she is Nick's immature wife. CONFLICT Protagonist The protagonist of the play is George, a professor of history, who is frustrated with his life and the delusions he and his wife have created. He is important in bringing about change in his and Martha's life. Though a generally subdued and henpecked character, he serves

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