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Whole Foods Market is preforming well from a strategic prospective as they are increasing their locations and markets. They continue to provide healthy high quality foods and brands that are goodfor consumers, the environment, and their own growth in the industry. Whole Foods Market has beenable to acquire the second largest competitor in their industry, Wild Oats Market, which eliminatesthe competition. They have a competitive advantage to other supermarkets because of their high andfine products that they carry. Whole Foods also has the advantage of a well-known name that’s associated with a higher quality for supermarket products at more competitive prices. 7. I believe that the acquisition of Wild Oats Market was a good approach to dominating the market. Inweighing the pros and cons, I think that the pros have outweighed the cons that have resulted in beingmore beneficial to Whole Foods. The pros of acquiring Wild Oats Market are that it eliminates thecompetition and allows for more locations in places where Whole Foods was not available. This is ahuge possibility for growth on Whole Foods Vision of expanding and being dominant in the market.The cons associated with the acquisition are that it accounts for the rather large long-term debt thatWhole Foods picked up. Another terrible thing to account for is the unpredicted recession. Asconsumers stop shopping and spending more often, Whole Foods Market as with every other businesstook a devastating blow to the business. Lastly, another acquisition con is the conversion of theclientele of Wild Oats to Whole Foods Market. As with any loyalty, there is hostility when one loseswhat they love. This will take time but if Whole Foods can win their loyalty by offering what theyneed they will be able to better flourish. 8. Yes, I believe that Mackey’s internet postings were very unethical and inappropriate as there

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