Whole Foods Case Study

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Whole Food Case Study Jose Pagan Compensation Evaluation of Jobs and Job structure Job A: Chef Designated Job Title: Line Cook, under skill factor, the line cook scores 2 points for each category of education, experience and ability. In supervision, the line Cook scores 1 point for each of the fiscal and supervisory responsibilities respectively. Under effort, the cook scores 3 for physical effort and 1 for mental effort. Under working Conditions, the cook scores 2 for each of the location, hazard and extreme environment degrees. Total points scored are 18 out of 30. Job B: cashier The job description fits that of a cashier. Under the skill factor, the cashier scores two points for experience and ability. Under supervisory, the Cashier scores 2 for fiscal and supervisory responsibilities. Under effort, the cashier scores 2 for physical effort and 3 for mental effort. Under working conditions, the cashier scores 2 for each of the categories. Total points scored are 21 out of 30. Job C: Prepared Food Manager The prepared food manger has executive management roles. The Manager is responsible for the prepared food department. Under skill factor, the manager scores 3 for each of the categories thus experience, education and ability. Under responsibility, the manager scores 3 for fiscal responsibility and 3 for supervisory responsibility. Under mental and physical effort, the manger scores 3 and 2 respectively. Under working conditions, the manager scores 2 for each location, hazard and extreme environment categories. Total score is 26 out of 30. Job D: Back Room Shift Supervisor The shift supervisor is responsible for supervisory functions during shifts. The shift supervisor scores 3 for education and ability and 2 for experience. Under responsibility, the supervisor

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