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manager, Gordon was faced with the last of the major hurdles in getting Tall Pines open – the filling of about 315 positions ranging from bellhops and butchers to clerks and chambermaids. The grand opening scheduled for May first made it imperative to bring his full staff on board and get them trained and operational quickly. He had brought in most of his managerial and supervisory staff over the past six months. Many had come from other hotels in the nationwide chain. Some he had worked with in other parts to the chain in his 15 years in the system, so there was a sense of excitement about being together as a team to create something brand new. Today marked the beginning of the final phase of his plan to manage his own hotel successfully. The Tall Pines Hotel Gordon had been involved in the planning of the hotel for about two years. Corporate management had selected the site four years ago on the basis of a careful study by its market research staff of the southeastern part of the United States. They were interested in launching a new concept in hotels and had chosen the city of Riverton (pop. 95,000), located in the suburbs of Roosevelt City, a major city in the Southeast. The entire metropolitan area had grown dramatically since the early 1960s to a total population of about 1.9 million, with further growth forecast for the next 15 years before a leveling off would occur. COPYRIGHT, 2006 by Thomson South-Western, case in Managing organizations and people. P. F. Butler & R. S. Schuler (eds.): Reprinted by permission of D. Jeffrey Lenn, George Washington University, 1986. Riverton comprised about half the area and two-thirds the population of one of the counties that surrounded Roosevelt City. Growth in population, wealth, and industry had been concentrated in the suburban counties, although there was new interest in the revitalization of the

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