Who's a Better Leader Beowulf, Macbeth, or Sir Gawian

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December 9, 2013 Whose leadership style was best for his people? What qualities make a hero a great leader? However there is not a clean cut list of credentials these are some good devices to have confidence, strength, and integrity. Leaders need confidence because leaders need to be able to make show that they can handle the task at hand. They need strength physically and mentally because no one wants a king that can be manipulated, and physically someone that can protect them. They also need integrity which is the main one because the people want a leader they can trust and have morally good values. Even though Sir Gawain and Macbeth are exceptional leaders, Beowulf makes the best leader for his people because he sacrificed his life for his people and able to inspire them as needed. The story of Beowulf begins as a young Geat warrior who is super confident and has overcome the most horrifying of feats, comes herot to deal with a treacherous monster called Grendel. Beowulf defeats Grendel with his bare hands and then must fight his mother after that has happened Beowulf leaves herot and returns to his home land and after his uncle dies becomes king, he rules for fifty years and becomes a wise and great leader. At the end of his reign he feels as if his time is coming to an end and must make the most of what he has left, but a thief steals a gold cup from a dragon’s layer and the dragon unleashes fury upon the Geats leaving Beowulf to attack this beast and save all of his people. Through his ferocious battle he kills the beast this time with a sword; the dragon doesn’t die so easily he bites Beowulf before he falls claiming his life. Wigalf, Beowulf trusted friend, builds him a tower as he is dying and puts all the gold in there so the villagers would not fight over it. His story shows great leadership because of the sacrifice he has given to his kingdom, the

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