Who Would Be the Better Role Model, Marilyn or Sharon?

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Who would be the better role model, Marilyn or Sharon? Role models are very important in our life. They will improve our minds and altitudes. In the two true stories they both describe two strong women who impacted the lives of many. Both were determined and influential and stood as both icons and role models. While Marilyn exhibited perseverance, Sharon is the better role model because she was inspirational and presented self-discipline. Become a role model, Inspirational is very important that It can cheer up the people. And People will follow those person’s emotion and thoughts for the good. When she said “Once you reach the top of the mountain, keep climbing”, it shows us that we cannot cheer, we arrived at the top and then no longer forward. Furthermore, the article wrote ““impossible” is a term defined by the values we give it”, it shows us that we cannot give up; when we decide to do it, we should keep on. Sharon Wood was an inspirational woman who preserved through every challenge thrown at her even when others gave up. She overcomes her fears and keeps going even when the odds seemed stacked against her. Self-discipline is a good way to trained and improved ourselves. Become a role model should break own limits, to practice and practice. When she said “There were times I didn’t think I’d make it. We had very difficult conditions and it seemed like our odds were stacked against us.” It shows us that Sharon self-discipline lots of times, even if in the worst condition never gave up practice. And the article wrote “Self-discipline and drive to be the best we can be is, in many ways, what propels us through the tough times in life”; it shows us that Sharon through Self-discipline learned lots of knowledge and got abundant experience. Sharon has the qualities to become the role model such as Self-discipline and inspirational. She achieves her dream and never

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