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March News - News Article Number One Title: Who Were Those OWS Masked Men? Source: Daily News: New York’s Hometown Newspaper Gotten On: Sunday, April 1, 2012 By Kariney Mendoza Class 711 I.S.292 Kariney Mendoza 711 – ELA March 31, 2012 News Article Number One “Who Were Those OWS Masked Men?” Main Idea: The main idea of this article that I read is about mysterious men in the train station who were committing a crime. Summary: This article starts off talking about the hunt. The police are hunting these several mysterious mean with masks chaining the gates. Therefore, they are offering people free rides which everyone knows is a crime by the simple fact that they have…show more content…
Summary: Since the day that George Zimmerman’s racist act, people from all over the country has been protesting against him. One day when Trayvon was walking down a gated community with an Arizona ice tea and a bag of skittles with a hoodie. Zimmerman who was an illegal neighborhood watch volunteer was following him. After various call to the police telling him not to do that, he did it anyway. Claiming that it was self-defense even though Trayvon was unarmed, Zimmerman shot him as he said he looked suspicious. Since that day, friends, family, and even the people that he didn’t even know marched toward the police stations and court houses demanding the justice for Trayvon and the arrest for Zimmerman. Many of them were holding up signs saying “Justice for Trayvon!” They weren’t leaving until he had justice. Most of them were wearing hoodies and brought skittles and ice teas in honor of him at the time. It was quite overwhelming to see and read about the entire community coming for someone’s brother, son, nephew and even grandson. New Vocabulary: 1. Throngs – a multitude of people crowded or assembled together;

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