Who We Are Today Essay

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Ms.Reitano I am.... November,10th ,2012 ABSTRACT There are many different people cultures and history amongst us in this world . Everyone has different backgrounds some people can be from Africa and others from Britain . The history of a person can tell you a lot about that one person and the culture . A family reputation can affect one persons . Different cultures can have the same traditions . I am Mariah .Rodriguez , and I am from the Spanish cultures . I am ..... and I am puertorican . I am thirteen years old and my birthday is November , 29th of 1998 . I want to be a young well educated Spanish lady . Not many people of my race are successful . They come from a bad name and they live up to their names usually as doing drugs and the girls sell their bodies for money . I have not experienced a lot throughout my life . Not as much as a normal teen would my experiences are at a minimum . Besides the regular of a teenagers l,life with drama in school . I have experienced what it is like to loose a loved one it is a very bad and sentimental time and feeling . I love to be me and surprise people with my looks . Many people believe that I am about 15 years old . I am 5”7 which is really tall to most people . I love to be different my different personality does not connect me to the negativity that is connected with being puertorican .I have am a very sensitive person when it comes to people I love . Besides the people I love I will put up a hard hard shell because I am afraid of being hurt . I am a girl that hates attention like whats the point of attention you can get attention at home . I love to dress to impress not impress other people but impress myself . If I'm getting dressed in the morning and I don't look good in the mirror I will refuse to go out . Some one can say I look so nice but if I dont like it I will not go out .
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