Who Was Responsible For King Tut's Death

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Karen Gassler Professor Cynthia Creel Course HUM 111 07/25/2013 King Tutankhamun’s tomb is the only royal tomb in Egypt that escaped the discovery of looters and was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. The sudden death of Tutankhamun is still an unsolved mystery. There are no historical records clarifying the cause of his death, nor any positive evidence to suggest how he passed. There have been many theories that it’s impossible to rule out an exact cause of death. One theory is that King Tut was murdered. If he was murdered, the motive was most likely centered on greed or the changing environment Akhenaten (King Tut’s father) had created before his death. But who would kill the King? Some believe that a few of his servant may have just ending his life at the early age of 19. Just being Akhenaten’s son had to have been difficult for a young boy. So many people hated his father for the major changes he created in Egypt. Perhaps by killing Tutankhamun the people of Egypt would be able to restore Egypt to its old ways. Another theory is that Tut suffered from a…show more content…
As time goes on, I believe more theories will arise. From everything that I have learned about King Tut’s death, I believe that he had died from a sickness of some sort. For one, he had a broken thigh bone. If he were murdered I think they would have found some evidence that someone created damage to his body. For second, his death was very sudden. He could have had a disease of some sort and just took over his body quicker than even he knew. If it was true that he was murdered, he would have had trauma visible to his body that was never found on him. Even though he did have a cracked skull-that was found though a CT scan- forensic experts believe that is from the mummification process. Just like all of the scientist and forensic experts, I hope to find out one day what really happened to King

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