Who Was Olympe De Gouges?

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Chapter 18 Make-Your-Own Test Kasey Woodman May,15th,2011 Short Answer 1- Who was Olympe de Gouges? A female playwrite. She wrote the Declaration of Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen. 2- Who was the head honcho behind the Reign of Terror? The Committee of Public Safety. 3- What is Nationalism? Cultural identity. People identified by language, religion, racial and religious symbols. 4- How many estates were there? Three. Separated by how wealthy the people are. 5- Who were the bourgeoisie? The middle-class of the three estates. 6- Why were the estates created? To divide the VERY large French population of 27 million. 7- Why was Napoleon Bonaparte SO important? He brought the French Revolution to an end. 8-…show more content…
Recognized the rights of individuals. 2- Laws made to keep citizens under control and away from making another revolution. 3- Laws made to make life more comfortable for newer people in France. 2- What was the consulate? 1- A democratic government. 2- A government where Napoleon Bonaparte became emperor. 3- A government formed after Napoleon ended the revolution. It was a republic,but Napoleon still had power. 3- What happened at Waterloo,Belgium? 1- Napoleon won a battle against the Duke of Wellington. 2- Napoleon met a 2-part army of British and Prussian soldiers led by the powerful Duke of Wellington. Napoleon was defeated. 3- Napoleon won a battle against the Native Americans. 4- Who was Anne-Louise-Germaine de Stael? 1- She was a poor girl in a large farming family who marched in the army. 2- She was a well-known writer who was “shut down” by Napoleon Bonaparte. 3- She was a leader in the French army who brought the revolution to an end. 5- Who was Georges Danton? 1- The oldest man to have ever joined the French military and fought in the revolution. 2- Leader of the sans-culottes. 3- The husband of Anne-Louise-Germaine de
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