Cleopatra Was The Last Known Ruler, Phharaoh Of Egypt

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Cleopatra was the last known ruler/pharaoh of Egypt. She ruled between the 51st and 30th dynasty in Alexandria, the Egyptian city she ruled over. Cleopatra was not Egyptian; she was Macedonian and only gained such a high power over the people in Egypt through her father Ptolemy XII after her and her family migrated from Macedonia through one of the generals of Alexander the great. Through Alexander her father gained power over the Egyptian people. He was chased away from the society and died. The throne was left to Ptolemy XIII and Cleopatra, both son and daughter of Ptolemy XII. Cleopatra was the only one in her family who could speak fluent Egyptian. She actually knew 7 different languages. With a Greek descendant speaking Egyptian, Cleopatra…show more content…
Cleopatra is also well known for creating a strong link and alliance with Rome as she married into the Roman Empire through Julius Caesar. Cleopatra ruled Egypt alone for a great deal of time because he brother Ptolemy XIII was too young. This was through her teenage years. This is one reason as to why Cleopatra is still remembered today. The wife of a Pharaoh must stand alongside her husband, not claim herself as pharaoh and stand alone. It was the rule of the pharaohs. Cleopatra broke this, and what made this too an even greater impact on Egypt, she changed the coins from having her and her brother to her standing alone, as their Pharaoh. Her love life is also another reason as to why Cleopatra is remembered today. With her marring a Roman (Julius Caesar), she regained power over Egypt after they both had fallen previously to her brother/husband Ptolemy XIII. With combining Egypt and the Roman Empire together, this showed people that Cleopatra was using Julius to regain her throne only, not because she loved him. Here this too also demonstrated how she used to use herself with men to get her way to help her

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