Who Was Alexander The Great?

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Alexander the Great was a man of many myths, so much was told of him that many do not know what to interpret as fact or fiction. The king of Macedon was known for being a person with various talents and magnificent accomplishments. He was tutored by Aristotle, a Greek philosopher and student of Plato, and had one of the largest empires in the ancient world. It’s no wonder he was nicknamed the Great and had so many fictitious stories built up around him, but was he as great and heroic as he was brought up to be. While he no doubt has an impressive resume, his deeds were not as hard-earned as some may believe. Alexander the Great, many would say otherwise, and would agree that his title is not so appropriate. Alexander the III of Macedon was a young king with an inherited empire, he never had to earn what he had given to him by his father, Phillip the II. A man that never had to work for what gave him his victory sounds like no victory at all. This is just one of the reasons Alexander does not deserve as much gratitude as he is delivered. He was also a vicious and ruthless king; the man called the Great was responsible for the deaths of thousands of his own men. He was…show more content…
However it seems all the legends and myths have shrouded the truth of what really went on during those times in history. His accomplishments were not his own and were only given credit to him due to his status as king and his over-all need to be the center of attention and receive the glory. Alexander’s personality and his experience on the battlefield are something to be questioned and make people wonder is the young king worthy of the title of Alexander the Great. Although Alexander took the credit for all the victories his army won, he himself had no real impact on what they as a group accomplished themselves, which is why he doesn’t deserve to be called Alexander the

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