Who Should Be King? Essay

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Who should be king? I think that Harold Godwinson had the right to be king to the throne. There are many reasons why I think this. Harold should be king as he was the only true Englishman claiming the throne as the other two men were from Normandy and Norway. He was also the most powerful man in England as he was a good soldier and would protect England well as that was what they needed then. To add to this, the English Council (the witan) wanted him to be King as he belonged to the most powerful family in the whole of England. They had already controlled Wessex but they had high ambitions and decided that they wanted to be in control of the whole country. He also had the best claim to the throne as he was Edward’s brother in-law as his sister was married to King Edward. Harold had claimed that he had been promised the throne to him just as Edward died. He had been managing Wessex well and this is why he was promised the throne. This was also because he did not have any children of his own. At the time, some English monks wrote: ‘Harold and his brothers were the King’s favourites ... on his deathbed that wise king promised the kingdom to Harold. In 1063, Edward the Confessor had sent Harold to crush a Welsh fight. He caught the Welsh Leader and Harold sent him to be executed. He was the leader of the king’s army and was experienced in the
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