Who Should Be in the Robot Hall of Fame? Essay

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WHO SHOULD BE IN THE ROBOT HALL OF FAME? The article “Who should be I the robot hall of fame” is about a new hall of fame dedicated to the greatest robots that there have existed, fictional and non-fictional. In the Robots hall of fame robots from movies such as “Star wars”,” Wall-e”, and “Short Circuit”, just to name 3 and real developed androids as well, no robot is left out as Rosie from “The jetsons” is also in the contest. The current 7 nominees for the robot hall of fame are “Robonaut”, an android developed by NASA, “Packbot”, a robot which is mainly used for bomb disposal in the military, Johnny 5, the star of the movie “Short Circuit” (1986), “PR2”, a robot by willow garage which can grasp and manipulate things and navigate in a human environment, “Nao”, ad 22-inch humanoid robot used for educational purposes, “Rosie”, from the classic animated tv sitcom “The jetsons”, she is the robot maid of the jetson house, and last but not least “Wall-E”, the star of the 2008 pixar film, a mere cleaning bot who becomes a hero. Almost all 7 of these bots are well known and loved, some by adults who admired them as children, some by children, and some by students who use them to seek knowledge. The 7 candidates are promising robots and the one who wins will be well deserving of it because all 7 of them are. My opinion on the article “Who should be in the robot hall of fame?” is definitely positive, I’m glad such an event is being held because I know almost all of these candidates and each one is important to me in a different way, I’m glad that technology has evolved to the point that beings with artificial intelligence can perform daily human tasks and or dangerous tasks which would put a human’s life at risk. It’s about time some effort was put into an event like this, these well deserving robots will all be remembered because some day they will be

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