Who Shot Lincoln Analysis

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Who Shot Lincoln? The modern student had a summer off, not realizing that the weeks that stand behind will reveal more than just a summer of sand and sun. What will be revealed is how a large section of education is missing, and how unprepared the student and fellow classmates are for the new chapter that is about to begin. It was not so long ago that it was the role of high school to prepare the student for the world ahead in a job market that was wide open. The role of college today has replaced high school in that task. A drop off of basic literacy skills proficiency has created a dangerously wide gap between high school and college education through lack of communication. The changing landscape of the 21st century student, entering the workforce or college, has yielded many revelations of the newly graduated high school seniors, including…show more content…
A graduating high school senior, one generation ago, would earn approximately 36% less than a college graduate; today the study has shown that the difference is now 76%. The National Science Teachers Association has also prepared a study that has pinpointed what is actually lacking. The N.S.T.A. has determined that the focus on core curriculum at the high school level seems to be what has gone awry (Association), unprepared students, either directly entering the workforce or seeking tertiary education, are so deficient in basic skills that it is hindering advancement in the workforce or college. The unprepared student yields workers which may not be able to handle the changing technologies, or lack of qualifications to handle basic tasks, and mediocre college student, making it difficult, the goals for which the student had hoped to realize. Further more it has given the consumer a workforce not qualified to administer the needs of the
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