Who Says Books Are Always Better Than Movies?

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Carlos Pena ENG1D Mrs.Ecker Oct. 29, 2012 Who Says Books Are Always Better Than Movies? Many books are successfully turned into movies that maintain their integrity and emotions. Though the novel Ghost Boy by Iain Lawrence and the movie Water for Elephants by Francis Lawrence, may not be related in that way, there are still many similarities that can be compared. Both narratives are about a boy who runs away to the circus, finding friends, different emotions, also encountering problems while discovering his identity and happiness. In the stories, the protagonist, setting, and conflict are very alike in many different ways. Generally speaking, both main characters in the narratives are very similar through their job, how they get there, and their love. Firstly, both characters become unhappy and run away from home. “He couldn't help it[...]he missed them terribly”(27). Jacob's parents die and he runs away. From these examples, it is clear that Harold and Jacob experience deep loss and sadness and feel that running away is the only option. In the same way, Jacob and Harold both have jobs working with the elephants. This makes it seem like they are based, though they are not. Flip Pharoah, the one who gives out jobs in the circus, when she decides to give Harold a job, says. “I'll see how he does with the animals”(122). In the movie, Jacob gets a job working. These examples show the similarity between their roles in the circus. Lastly, Jacob and Harold both fall in love with the main attraction of the show. This is where Harold shows his love. “Flip turned[...]Harold lurched”(118). “He wished he had a jacket to give her”(119). In the film, Jacob names a song, “I'm confessin' I love you”, and he and Marlena share a look. These examples illustrate the lust and love that Harold and Jacob feel for Flip and Marlena. Therefore,
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