Who Represents Me?

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Sophie Huynh Dr. Gonzales GOVT 2306 11/9/2014 Research Project: Who Represents Me? Power has its corruption especially in politics. Being aware of who represents one in the Texas Legislature is important to the public. Those elected individuals serve in the government and make the decisions for the populace of each state in the United States. Without knowing who represents the entire community, we the people could vote for the wrong elected officials that could abuse their people with political power and status. As citizens of Texas, the people should be well-informed and well-aware of what is occurring in their community. It is the duty as citizens to know the community that overlaps one’s state representative, to identify several personal components in the number of the House district, and to discuss which committees represents one in the current legislative session. Texas has 150 members in its House of Representatives, by which each is elected for a two-year term. The Texas Senate has 31 members; each is elected to serve for a four-year term. In The Texas House of Representatives and the Texas State Representatives duties are to help the community they are elected from. Terms of office for members of both houses begin in January of odd-numbered years. In Harris County, the Texas State Representatives is Hubert Vo (District 149), whereas the Texas State Senator is Senator Joan Huffman (District 17). These people are elected to handle laws, improve the community such as Harris County, and manage rules like games of chess. Harris County is in Houston, which is one of the richest counties in the state based on geography, population, education, and other demographic descriptors. For instance of Houston’s geography, the city has a large land that is good to produce oil and hold the largest port in the world for international trade that includes imports and
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