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Summary of “Who Needs College” by Linda Lee In the book article Who Needs College?, by Linda Lee, she explores the journey of kids who choose to attend college following high school and those who go on to find regular work with only a high school diploma. Basically she asks if college is really necessary for all kids. The author quoted many studies and explained how a good majority of students that attend college never graduate with a bachelors degree. She stated that a large percentage just go for the college experience which is a waste of time and money. Her overall point is that a college degree is not necessary for success. She explained how statistics show that college graduates make more money, and she challenged that argument by pointing out that before the computer industry came along the most highest paying jobs like doctors, lawyers, etc. required a college degree. Linda also countered that by stating on the average the hardest working kids in school go off to college, so it's not really a surprise that they make more money. The author talked about a more personal experience, one she had with her son. She talked about how she sent her son off to college but he only went because his friends were going and for the “college experience.” Basically she felt like he was going no where and wasting time and money, so she pulled him out of college to think on things and his life. A year later he landed a good job and is working towards becoming a manager. Succeeding without the help of college So in the end, as quoted by the author, her son basically had his own “graduation day” and he is doing this all without the help of college. So it is possible to succeed in life without the back up of a college degree, you just have to work hard for what you want.

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