Who Needs Applied Linguistics?? Essay

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 This time the subject is Who needs Applied Linguistics?, you must read the document located at the following link http://www.tesl-ej.org/ej05/f1.html The questions to be discussed are: What does the article suggest? What ideas would you highlight? What is your opinion about it? Have you found difficult this content?  Debate will open June 20th, 2014 and will close on June 30th, 2014.  Participation in the debate is mandatory. Who Needs Applied Linguistics? - John Wilson What does the article suggest? The article written by John Wilson suggests the existing discrepancies between EFL teachers and linguist theorists regarding to second language acquisition and learning. Succinctly, the author describes the wide distance between theory and langue (the ideal form of a language) and practice (diary real life class life situations) when learning a language. He also expresses concern about how can teachers defend their methodology when linguistics haven´t find out how languages are learnt and there isn´t no single best method of teaching a language because teachers should decide which methodology suits best to their learners depending on each specific context given in classrooms What ideas would you highlight? * …a perceivable gap exists between theory and practice in language teaching * …the increasing demand for language teaching required mentors who could provide an academic umbrella for second language pedagogy and supply teachers with subject-specific knowledge. * What is the best way to teach a language? * The gap between applied linguistics and its potential consumers widened as language acquisition came to be viewed by some observers as a kind of grammar jig-saw--one learns what all the pieces are and fits them together into discourse. * Aggravating the situation, the study of language acquisition still offers no

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