Who Moved My Cheese

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Executive Summary This paper is about the book Who Moved My Cheese? and change management in the work place. Who Moved My Cheese is by Dr. Spencer Johnson and provides an explanation of how to simplify the complexity of a change process through four fictional characters. Each character provides a different outlook on change and how to process it. Change management is defined as the process of ensuring that new interventions such as training practices are accepted and used by employees and managers. Chang management has four issues with change management that include overcoming resistance to change, managing the transition to the new practice, shaping political dynamics, and using training to make change stick. The ADDIE model was used to provide an example of how to implement a training session on change management and the factors that go into using the ADDIE model. Four books were researched as benchmarks providing feedback as to what is common in organizations when dealing with change management. Then discussing the ways that Otterbein could have used change management when the conversion from quarters to semester occurred. This mainly applied to faculty and staff because students were taken care of very well. The conclusion of the project is simply that no matter what job you have change is inevitable and it is something that all people should learn how to deal with. Use the ADDIE model to figure out situations and how to make them better. Who Moved My Cheese? is a great explanation of how to deal with change and provides hope that change can be a good thing. Introduction The book Who Moved My Cheese? is a great training solution because it allows people to view how to deal with change happening in the work place or with their personal lives. This book allows people to see the view of being proactive to deal with the change or simply waiting for the
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