Who Killed William Robinson

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Who killed William Robinson? In the case of who killed William Robinson, an Indian man named Tom was convicted and hanged for the murder. The Murder took place in March 1867, in the small colony of Salt Springs Island. Using trial documents, news paper articles and personal correspondence, I intend to show in my essay how the accused Indian Tom, was most likely not the actual murder of William Robinson with no motive, no evidence, and much byes. The Indian man Tom had no motive to kill William Robinson, I intent to show why this is true. The Indian man whom was arrested for the murder of William Robinson supposedly decided to take his canoe and a good friend of five years to the house of William Robinson. After arriving on the shore of Mr. Robinsons house apparently grabbed his musket went up to the house entered the house and shot Mr. Robinson to death then proceeded to steel most of Mr. Robinson’s personal possessions. The man who apparently was with Tom at the time of the murder, another Indian man from a neighboring tribe and long time friend, said he heard Tom say he was going to kill the colored man several times. Although he says he went inside, he also said he did not witness the murder, and he also described the scene after the murder wrong saying that Mr. Robinson fell off the chair once he reentered the room. Although this may have been true his story was not ever proven, there were no witnesses. The story which the other Indian man gives is not believable telling the jury that a friend of five years threatened to kill him if he told anyone. As an accused person himself, there would be no reason to wait till Tom’s trial. Why did he reenter the room where Mr. Robinson had been slain? Why would the other Indian man take a canoe ride back to town with the murderer if he was that afraid if he was even there at all? Tom was a good Indian as told to the

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