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Walker Evans was born on the 3rd of November 1903 and died 10th of April 1975.He was an American photographer that is best known for capturing the effects of the Great Depression for the Farm Security Administration. He was born in Saint Louis, into a reasonably affluent family. His father was an advertising executive. Walker disliked the establishment and wanted to become a writer. He studied literature at Williams College for a year, before dropping out and going to Paris. He was in Paris for a year in the 1920’s, but when he didn’t become successful, he moved back to the United States, but went New York. He went back in 1927 and became a clerk on Wall Street. He worked for the establishment, something that he had despised for so long. In New York, Walker became associated with the ‘edgy literary and art crowd.’ In the 1930’s Walker decided to become a photographer, rather then a writer. And with the help from the friends he made in the…show more content…
It is said that ‘he knew what he wanted the image to look like, and did not have to make numerous attempts at getting the image he wanted’. This statement could imply that Walker was collecting subjects because he knew what he wanted and he would get it. This is similar to a child that collects beanie babies, they know what ones are out there and they know exactly which ones they need to complete their collection and they don’t go for anything but the toy they need. In Walker’s book Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, there are just three families and their possessions. This book could be a mini museum of the collected images of these three families. They are images in a period in time that, even though many people looking at the photos were not there, they would feel as though they had known the families. Because of the detail and the objectivity Walker

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