Who Is To Blame For Doodle's Death

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John Andrie 3-8-13 Mrs.Turse English 1 Doodle’s Death Have you ever felt responsible for something that happened to someone? I know a 14 year old country boy who does. He has the weight of 40 elephants on his shoulders. Knowing his brothers death was his entire fault, but it wasn’t! Even though it seemed like he pushed his little brother Doodle too far he, was just trying to help him by making a normal person. It was actually Doodle’s own fault that he passed away, Doodle knew his limits, and he knew how far he could or couldn’t go. Doodle should have stopped when he felt it was wrong, but he carried his limit line to the maximum. I will prove the narrators innocents of his brothers death by the time you have finished reading this essay.…show more content…
In reality, it is most accurate to push the blame on the boy’s parents. The parents were never there for Doodle, never tried helping him, and never brought him places. They didn’t even bother to name him when he was born since they didn’t think he was going to live long. “But he didn’t die, and when he was three months old mama and daddy decided they might as well name him.”(pg 385) The parents had no intention of caring for this child. The parents should have warned the narrator to be careful, but they didn’t even care enough to do that. This is a tremendous reason why the narrator is not responsible for Doodle’s death. Secondly, the narrator was only 6 when Doodle was born, and Doodle was 6 when he learned to walk; that would make the narrator only around 12 years old. I am the same age as the narrator and I know I still make mistakes pretty often. You can’t put that much responsibility onto a 12 year old boy. The narrator shouldn’t have to worry about another life other than his own. This is another example of why the narrator is not responsible for his poor, innocent, brother’s
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