Who Is the Real Vilain in Macbeth?

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Because of her Duncan and the servants are murdered. Impedes her from performing acts of violence and cruelty. Q. Who according to you is the real villain in the play Macbeth by Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth? Macbeth or the three witches. Justify your answer in about 500 words. Associates with manliness. Would do anything to achieve her goal regardless of how many people she has to murder. Clearly willing to do whatever necessary to seize the throne. AMBITIOUS HEARTLESS LADY MACBETH (The real villain) Persuades Macbeth to kill Duncan as she demands that he becomes manlier. Even after her husband put the matter aside, she didn’t listen to him. STUBBORN PERSUASIVE/DEMANDING Still continued explaining on her ambitious plans, though her husband asked her to stop. Thus she turns an honest man to a tyrant and proves herself as villain. It depends on how you define villain. Does a villain have to actually do some crime, or is plotting simply enough? I think Lady Macbeth is more of a villain, as she doesn’t murder anyone in the play but plots the murder. Well, throughout the play you see Lady Macbeth who is the catalyst and pushing Macbeth to commit many treacherous acts so in that way she seems like the villain as she commits villainous deeds. Macbeth was originally influenced by Lady Macbeth into committing various murders as she kept him motivated in the actual deed and is almost solely responsible for planning the particulars of the murder (drugging the guards and planting the blood-stained daggers on them), Macbeth never wanted the world of so much power and so did not really know what to do while he was confused and scared. It was no different than a mother convincing her child to kill for her ,the evil tendencies in her gave her

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