Who Is Sherlock? Essay

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Running head: Who Is Sherlock Who Is Sherlock Dylan Justice Sevier County High March 19, 2014 Who Is Sherlock The Worlds one and only consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is a very complex character, but to someone who doesn’t know Sherlock he can be perceived as quiet and reserved. That statement may have some truth to it, but is also very misleading. Some might even say it would be offensive to Sherlock to say that is all there is to him. Sherlock’s level of knowledge is impeccable in some areas, but in others he falls short. Sherlock justifies this reason by believing the other knowledge doesn’t benefit him. According to Stanford “ He (Sherlock0 has a passion for definite and exact knowledge.” P. 10 Sherlock’s personality can be defined as a pendulum, one moment he is very concentrated on his studies then the next he is playing his violin like a mad man. As stated by Watson “Although Sherlock plays the violin well” he also at times would “ scrape carelessly at the fiddle which was thrown across his knee” p.18 Sherlock once stated “observation with me is second nature” p.32 Its in Sherlock’s chemistry to always be observant. For example; lets say you are in a crowded area and you are enjoying yourself. While you are getting something to drink Sherlock is noticing to shady guy slipping something into a woman’s drink. It would be like training yourself to not blink as for Sherlock to not be observant. Through all of Sherlock’s whit, intelligence, ignorance, burst of emotions, and many more attributes he is still the worlds leading consulting detective. References Authors: Sir Author Conan Doyle Year of Publication: 1887 Source Reference: Sherlock. BBC. TV. (Jill Henderson) Appendix Each Appendix appears on its own page. Footnotes 1Complete
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