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Mathew 1 The Heroics of LeBron James “He’s one of a kind. One of a kind.” said his teammate Shane Battier. (jockbio.com) In order for an athlete to be a hero, he must display leadership, hard work, and just be an overall nice guy. Throughout his illustrious career, LeBron James has proven the qualities of a hero. LeBron James has showed leadership throughout his career from his high school days, to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and currently the Miami Heat. LeBron James fame all started back to high school. He was phenomenon right from the get go. As a leader, you always have to be able to put the team on your back and carry them to the finish line. In his senior year at St. Vincent- St. Mary, LeBron carried his team back to the…show more content…
Not only does he try to further others education, but he tries to prevent them from dropping out as well. LeBron took action after learning that every 26 seconds, a kid drops out from school, making that 7,000 kids dropping out every year. (looktothestars.org) He created a Public Service announcement to address to kids that dropping out of school is very detrimental to your life. LeBron explained how he stayed in school and the commercial “It’s just like the public service announcement says, without the amazing people in my community, I could have easily ended up a statistic. It was my coaches, teachers, friends, and mentors who gave me the support I needed to stay focused. I know what it means for kids in tough situations to have a strong network of support,” said LeBron James. “I’m proud to be a part of the Boost and 26 Seconds campaigns to encourage others to get out and help kids succeed. Every kid, no matter what they are facing, should dream big and never just be a statistic.” (looktothestars.org) He wants kids to know that if they are struggling, do nott give up. That’s what teachers, friends and family are for. A hero is someone a kid can always look up to and know that what they say or do is right. LeBron was being a kind-hearted person who supports…show more content…
"There would be no LeBron James, no Kobe Bryant, no Dwayne Wade if there wasn't Michael Jordan first.” (Windhorst) This man was giving up a number he wore since high school, and this is usually harder for players because they take pride in their number. This did not matter to James. He deeply cared about this Legend’s impact on the sport, and wanted to commemorate what he did. That is what nice people do, they understand their roots, and give credit to those before them. Whether it was furthering kids education, addressing kids dropping out, or paying homage to Jordan, LeBron continuously displayed his niceness to others. Villains do not have nice personalities; they only care about themselves, in comparison to LeBron James, who is the furthest thing from a

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