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John Steinbeck’s; Of Mice and Men Author Information; John Steinbeck the author of many novels in the 1930’s was married to Carol Henning in which his “1939 novel Grapes of the wrath.” Was dedicated too. John Steinbeck was a well-known and well redound author who wrote many books such as; Of Mice and Men, Grapes of Wrath, and many more. In his books he highlighted the problems of common people in his “naturist novels.” As he approached the second half of the twentieth century his life went into a sudden disarray, his wife Carol Henning, divorced him in 1942. Shortly after his divorce; however he married Gwen Conger. This marriage did not last long as we all thought. Gwen Conger divorced John Steinbeck after bearing two children, moving…show more content…
“The old man came slowly into the room.” (Steinbeck pg 22). From the start Candy was only interested in making friends and finding a better life. Curly; Cocky and Narcissistic, Curly shows his true colors from the beginning. Cold and heartless toward the people working on his fathers ranch he always has a conflict with his newly wed wife always blaming her for cheating on him. “He glanced coldly at George then Lennie.” (Steinbeck Pg 23) Getting defensive over the very sight of Lennie and George trying to pick a fight with the wrong people. Curley’s Wife; Judged from the start Curley’s wife is discriminated against from the start, the men on the ranch just assume she’s a whore when in all actuality she only married Curley because she had to. “She had full rouged lips and wide-spaced eye’s, heavily made up, her hair hung in little rolled clusters like sausages.” (Steinbeck pg 29) The very definition of beauty in the 1930’s Curley’s wife is lonely and in need of a friend other than her over bearing husband. Her only mistake when it came to talking to Lennie was panicking when he latched onto her hair which was ultimately her down fall.…show more content…
All the men in the stable didn’t think he mattered because he was a black man, didn’t think he was intelligent enough to be playing cards with them although they were no better than poor Mr. Crooks, Making him live alone in a barn and treating him like a piece of dirt. Maybe if they had all experienced the loneliness that he had to endure maybe they would understand the way he felt. Today in society Racial Discrimination is every where but there are people trying to fight it. Poor or rich the black men are just as equal as we are they don’t deserve to be called vulgar names in which we try to establish ourselves as the dominate

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