Who Is John Proctor Accused In The Crucible

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Power, greed, authority and revenge, these words go somewhat unnoticed in today’s fast paced society, but in 1692 power was a word that controlled a small village in Massachusetts. The event that took place in Salem has plagued the pages of history books for centuries. Life in the seventeenth century was very hard and took a toll on the lives of many women and children who had little or no power. In 1692, several teenage girls accused many people of being witches and bewitching them. Were these accusations true or were these girls mesmerized by the power and attention that they received so abruptly? The Salem Witch Trials have become one of the most shameful things that has ever taken place in history. As young children we are very emotional and expressive. One minute we…show more content…
Abigail learned a great lesson about karma. Since she started this whole controversy and help sentenced innocent people to death, the one she loved, John Proctor, was sentenced to death as well. If Abigail would have just confessed, she could have saved many innocent souls including the one she loved. Mary Warren was the only person who wasn’t possessed by power. She was a good person with a pure heart. She confessed and wanted to turn herself in. Her friends didn’t make it easy on her. They betrayed her in a very cruel way. This shows that no matter how close you think you are to some people, they can always stab you in the back. I believe this story represents the tension between good and evil. There is a thin line between moral and corrupt. Even though the lines aren’t very defined, you should always remember: no matter how much power you have, you still possess a heart with good ethics. Many people in Salem lived in fear of being accused by these girls. The “witches” in this story decided not to be influenced by the girls’ power and took control of their

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