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To Kill a Mockingbird: Influence by Kiana Smith Jan. 3, 2011 Pd 1A/1B The meaning of the word influence is to have an affect on someone's thoughts or actions. In the famous novel "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, many citizens of Maycomb give and take in influence. Maycomb is an old, tired town in the southern state of Alabama based during the 1930s. Prejudice occurs, not only against one's complexion, but against one's upbringing and choices. In the novel, Atticus Finch whom is the town lawyer, is defending an African American known as Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson was accused of allegedly raping Mr. Ewell's daughter. Even though he was innocent, his verdict was guilty, her was later murdered. The case of Tom Robinson brings uproar…show more content…
She does so after he threatens to tell Calpurnia (pg 45). Another person close to Scout that has great influence over her, is her father Atticus. Atticus unintentionally influences Scout to be protective over him. It shows Scout cares for her father, which is her reason for being agressive. I can relate to Scout in this manner, because I I too am protective over my family, but not as aggressive as Scout. Atticus is called a disgrace and "nigger-lover" a number of times by a number of people. One day in the schoolyard, Cecil Jacobs tells Scout that his family says Atticus is a disgrace and that Tom Robinson should hang from the water-tank (pg 102). This got Scout upset, but it was the only time she walked away form a fight because influenced by Atticus, he told her not to fight anymore and she knew if she did he would wear her out. On Christmas day Scout, Jem, and Atticus visit the Finch's Landing. Scout's cousin Francis says to her "Grandma says it's bad enough he let's you run wild, but now he's turned out to be a nigger-lover. We'll never be able to walk the streets of Maycomb
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