Who Is Eleanor Roosevelt A Servant To Others

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A Servant to Others By Gracielle Norby [3] Extremely wise, sincerely kind, and overflowing with love, Eleanor Roosevelt became an amazing First Lady. [1] Born in New York City, her parents decided she was to be named Anna after her mother and her aunt. Her nickname was “Ellie” or “Little Nell”. [2] From the beginning she preferred to be called by her middle name which was Eleanor. [6] Eleanor’s childhood was not perfect. Life was easier for her as the wife of the President even, though she was reluctant to become First Lady. Eleanor became a fighter for human rights. As First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt was the most known and frequently the most influential woman in the world. [5] When she became engaged to Franklin Roosevelt, Franklin’s mother disapproved of the romance. [4] Hoping she could succeed…show more content…
[2] During the time that her husband Franklin campaigned for President in 1932, she felt deeply troubled. [1] She dreaded the thought of living in the White House. Having pride in her accomplishments as a teacher, a writer, and a political power in her own right, she feared that she would have to give up her hard-won independence in Washington. [5] As First Lady, Eleanor thought she would have no life of her own, which was similar to other presidential wives before her. She would be assigned the traditional role of official White House hostess, with little to do but greet guests at receptions and preside over formal state dinners. It was as if Eleanor Roosevelt lived in a cage. [6] She did her duty. During the years in the White House, the Executive Mansion bustled with visitors at teas, receptions and dinners. [4] Encouraging Eleanor, Americans told her that they had never seen a First Lady like her. For thirty years, from the time she entered the White House until her death in 1962, Eleanor Roosevelt was the most famous and, at times, the most influential woman in the
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