Who Is David Pelzer

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A Child Called ‘IT’ is by David Pelzer and tells the story of his incredible courage and survival. The book takes place in Daly City, California in a middle class neighborhood where David is the oldest of three boys and lives with both his mom and dad. It begins with the last day of his abuse and the first day of his freedom. David starts describing the day with the morning where he is in the kitchen doing dishes in scalding hot water. The water is burning his hands, but he says when he tries to take them out he would be beaten for it, so he had to suffer through in order to finish. As a result of finishing he is “rewarded” with left over scraps from his brother’s breakfast. After eating and getting dressed into ragged and filthy clothes he…show more content…
To answer this I first had to look at the family setting and why the abuse started in the first place. David’s parents were having marital problems and they both turned to alcohol, but the mother also turned her aggression and blame onto David. She would blame him for all her problems and I think made him a representation of her husband. According to the book I would be looking at the interactional variables, which are the interplay between the victim and the abuser that set up the abuse situation (Crosson 2010, p. 98). She would see David as difficult and ungrateful and in her mind was probably teaching him a lesson. There were also the environmental stressors of the martial problems that led to the mother taking it out on David. However this still does not explain why it was David that she chose to abuse and I think it was one because he was the oldest of the children and two because David most represented his father. In the beginning the dad would try to protect David from the abuse and I believe that led to the mother hating David more because in her mind he was causing the fights between mom and dad by the dad taking David’s
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