Who Is at Fault for the Crimes Committed by Children?

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Trey Pellum Casas English IV- 2 February 5 2012 “Who Is At Fault for the Crimes Committed By Children?” Should the parents take responsible for the crime of their children made? Some people think that the parents are responsible for the crime committed by children, and some may as well as disagree. In some states, the parents are legally responsible. There is huge agreement about this topic. Parents should not be legally responsible for the crimes of their children because the crimes were committed by the children, not their parents, also the children are older enough to know what is right from wrong, and their parents can not babying their children for life. The children who are about between from thirteen to seventeen can knowledge their mistakes very well so why put responsible on parents? The parents should not punish for their children. They are not the one who did the crime. They did not do nothing wrong, their children did. “Their parents are not the only people that affect on how children act or learn from. It could be anyone else like their friends, older family members, or celebrities. All of these people play very large role on how these children would act.” Second, the children are older enough to know what right from wrong and what not to do. They should learn that at young age like maybe at ten years old but they are in twelve or thirteen years old, that is when they already know. When they are this age, they don’t want to be babying by their parents or anybody else so why should punish or giving parents responsibility and not the children? Who is at fault by the children committed the crime, the parents or children? The children are at the fault when they choose to do the crime. They made the choice at that moment, not their parents. The parent did not tell them to make a bad decision so no need to punish the parents. The children

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